The Nasho's War


Some Myths of the AIF examined and debunked.

More than sixty-three thousand young Australians were drafted into national service during the Vietnam War.

The ‘nashos’ were chosen by chance, when their birthdates were drawn from a lottery barrel.  Not all of them ended up in Vietnam, but their random fate came to symbolise the war, and divide a nation.

Drawing on interviews with more than one hundred and fifty former nashos, and their wartime diaries and letters, award-winning author and journalist Mark Dapin tells the full story of national service in Australia for the first time. The Nashos’ War sorts fact from myth and describes our most controversial military commitment in the words of these average, remarkable Australians.

 Mark Dapin

No one is fool enough to choose war instead of peace – in peace, some bury fathers, but in war, fathers bury sons.

Herodotus C. 450 BC

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