Shockwave: An Australian combat helicopter crew in Vietnam


This the graphic and untold story of the pilots and crews of Australia’s fleet of Iroquois helicopters during the Vietnam War – their triumphs and losses, and the legacy of the experience that many still carry today. Shockwave is told in the words of these Australian helicopter airmen, Norm Goodall, John Scott and Neville Sinkinson, who supported ground troops in this vicious war fought in jungles and mountains against an almost invisible enemy. It focuses mostly on  the helicopter gunships, callsigned Bushranger – heavy- duty airborne weapons platforms, armed to the teeth with machineguns, rockets and miniguns.

But Iroquois were also used as commuter taxis to carry troops into and out of operations areas, to back up troops with supplies and ammunition, and to evacuate the wounded and ill in missions known as Dustoffs. These stories are also told here.

Peter Haran | Robert Kearney

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