Outback Corridor


Outback Corridor is a hard cover quality book of 388 pages with over 300 fascinating, captioned, historical photographs.

• World War II Lines of Communication across Australia from Adelaide and Mt Isa to Darwin

• Northern Territory Wartime Experiences

Army Women's Servics in the Northern Territory

Outback Corridor tells how hundreds of thousands of men and wome made contact with Outback Australia by being part of the vital World War II Lines of Communication across the Australian continent from Adelaide and Mt Isa to Darwin - by the old Central Australia Railway, by convoys on the old north/south road, and by the old Northern Australia Railway.

Outback Corridor reports on:-

• The making of the north/south and east/west roads by AWC, CCC and State Highway workers, and the essential cartage of troops and supplies by convoys of Army Transport units.

• The historic upgrading of the Overland Telegraph Line by the PMG men and Army Signals to meet the Defence build up.

American Army transportation from Mt Isa and other involvements in the Northern Territory.

• The vital services of Army Women, Nurses, AAMWS and AWAS.

• A range of writers tell wartime stories of experiences in the Northern Territory, including the bombing of Darwin on 19 February 1942.

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