Crossfire: An Australian Reconnaissance Unit in Vietnam


Crossfire An Australian Reconnaissance Unit in Vietnam.

In October 1966 a group of 28 soldiers was chosen to form Australia’s first specialist Reconnaissance Platoon in the Vietnam War. One of the platoon’s section commanders was a 20 year old regular soldier called Bob Kearney, who led a series of deadly patrols while the First Australian Task Force established its headquarters in South Vietnam. Operating in isolation and extreme danger ahead of the main Australian Forces, these young men braved regular enemy contacts, mines, booby traps and the natural perils of the teeming jungle. This is the story of Bob and his unit – a tale of courage, terror, madness and survival.

Foreword by Lieutenant-General Peter Cosgrove, AC, MC, Chief of Army, Canberra, February 2001.

Peter Haran | Robert Kearney

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