Blood, Sweat and Fears Vol I



 Medical Practitioners and Medical Students of South Australia Who Served in World War I

 Australia, in August 1914, with the British Empire, joined the Grand Alliance against the Central Powers in the Great War of 1914‑1918.

Initially, the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force captured the German colonial territories in New Guinea and the adjacent islands; later, a much larger army, the Australian Imperial Force was formed and served in the Middle‑East and Europe.

'Blood, Sweat and Fears' describes those medical practitioners and medical students connected to South Australia who served in the armed forces, at home or abroad, during what we now know as World War I. They range from 18‑66 years of age and from student to Professor. Each is described in a one page biography; there are over 200 biographies.

Some were to distinguish themselves in action with high military decorations and some were to distinguish themselves in their later medical careers. The Australian medical colleges in Medicine, Surgery, Women's Health, Radiology and Anaesthesia drew their early leaders from these South Australians.

You are encouraged to find those who inspire you amongst our predecessors.

 “Verco and colleagues have given both the medical profession and the people of South Australia a great gift. It might be regarded as SA's contribution to Australia's World War 1 effort. The 12 Distinguished Service Orders and 20 Military Crosses or Military Medals awarded to South Australians [doctors] still do not do justice to what the State gave to its then young nation.”

Brendan  Nelson, Director Australian War Memorial, Canberra, MJA 201 (9) 3 November 2014, p. 553


Christopher Verco | Annette Summers | Tony Swain | Michael Jelly

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