Arthur Sullivan, VC


When war was declared in August 1914, Arthur Percy Sullivan was too young to enlist without the approval of his parents, Arthur and Eliza Sullivan, storekeepers of Crystal Brook in the mid-north of South Australia.

When he finally turned twenty-one, Arthur enlisted but the war would be all but over by the time he arrived. Eager to serve, he discharged from the AIF and enlisted in the British Army to serve with the 45th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, North Russia Relief Force.

On 10 August 1919, Arthur saved four men who had been wounded while under fire crossing a narrow wooden bridge in the marshy Dvina River area. For his bravery, Arthur Percy Sullivan was awarded the Victoria Cross.

There have been other books written on his military deeds. This book is inspired and compiled from the scrapbook his mother made using the many telegrams and letters received from people across rural South Australia whose lives Arthur had touched as a pious, humble and modest young man.

The pride that was experienced by each of them was immense, profound and celebrated.

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