Adelaide to Alamein


In June 1940, following the invasion of France, Ivor Paech, an ordinary primary school teacher from Adelaide, enlisted in the Second AIF - the all-volunteer fighting component of the Australian Army in World War II. The unit he was assigned to as an original member would become Australia’s most highly decorated infantry battalion of the conflict - the 2/18th Infantry Battalion of the 9th Division. 

Ivor served in the front lines during the Siege of Tobruk, both battles of Alamein, and bore witness to some of the most violent fighting undertaken b Australian soldiers during the war. His battalion gradually evolved from a formation of untrained and poorly equipped citizen soldiers to become one of Australia’s elite combat units of World War II. 

This is Ivor’s story, compiled by hi grandson who is a former Army officer ,based on the diary he kept during the conflict, background research and interviews with surviving members of the unit.

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