If you would like to donate an object to the Museum but are not sure what we require, the following info should help.

How to Donate an Artefact

Contact the Foundation Curator by email to arrange a visit. The Curator will evaluate your item(s) condition and assess whether it meets Collection guidelines. The Museum staff will also assess whether an item is able to be conserved and maintained if accepted.

If the item does not fit the Collection Guidelines, or if Museum is unable to preserve, store and care for an item your offer will be regretfully declined.

Artefacts which tell a story are of great value. Ideally we require as much information as possible about the object such as:

  • Who owned/used it?
  • Where was it used/situated/recovered from?
  • Who was the maker?
  • Where did it travel from/to?
  • Have any changes/modifications been made to the item since it was used originally?
  • What is the history of the item?
  • What is its significance?

The more information you can supply about the object the better story it might be able to tell.

Will the item always be on display?

While displays are not static and are continually changed and updated so the stories of our military history comes alive, we cannot guarantee that an item will be put on display.

Only a small percentage of items are on display at any one time.

Until display, items are secured in controlled storage areas which preserves and protects them from further deterioration.

If I donate an item can I retrieve it at a future date?

No, however the military Museum Manager (only) can waive this if special circumstances exist. If such special circumstances exist please contact the Foundation Curator to request the item(s) be de-accessioned and the matter discussed with military authorities.

Weapons cannot be returned.

Normally the Museum does not accept loans. However, significant items may be accepted on loan to the Museum for special displays.

If I decide to keep my object, can I find out how to preserve it?

The Museum staff would be happy to provide you with such guidelines.

Could the Museum value my item(s)

Museum staff are not professional valuers; you would need to have it valued by a professional, however, we may be able to assist you in obtaining a professional valuation.

Who am I donating to?

All donations are to the Army Museum of South Australia Foundation.

Can I make a bequest to the Museum?

Yes, please contact the Foundation Curator to arrange an appointment. Financial bequests are also most welcome!

How do I make a financial donation to the Museum?

Donations are welcomed from both individual members and corporate organisations. Arrangements can be made by telephone, a personal visit or by mailing your donation. A donation box, usually for smaller, incidental amounts is also located inside the Museum galleries.

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