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The Army Museum of South Australia would like to assist schools in implementing their educational programs

We can provide assistance in the following ways:

Mk1 Ferret Scout Car



Jeff Ayles

Curator - Jeff Ayles


  • The guest speaker program can be arranged by contacting the Museum office Tuesday, Wednesday or
    Thursday between 9.00am and 2.00 pm.
  • Visit our Archives & Research Centre. Open Monday afternoons and evenings or by appointment.
    It is advisable to contact us prior to the visit to ensure a member is available to assist (08) 8305 6705.

  • Planning & Programming. Looking for ideas?
    Click on the links below to find a number of resources available to assist you in developing your curriculum
    Resources for Schools
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    Resource Kits
    Schools Military History Program Curriculum Links

  • Society & Environment: years 5-10 History years 11 & 12