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The worksheets can be downloaded by following the links and printed prior to your visit.

  • Primary Schools Work Sheet:suitable for middle and upper primary students.
  • High schools Work Sheet
  • Alternatively you could create your own class activity sheet to meet the particular needs of your class program. A large number of ideas/activities/questions can be found in the Resource Kits link below.
  • Resource Kits: These kits are produced for schools by the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).
  • They are excellent resources and contain programs, reference material and student work sheets.
  • All of the Kits have been sent to schools over the last ten years and may still be held in your school Resource Centre: check with you librarian.
  • Most kits can still be purchased on line or through the Australian war Memorial book shop.
  • PDF files can be down loaded directly from the DVA website. Schools Military History Program
  • Summaries of battles etc., prepared by Matt Walsh et.al. in conjunction with the Defence Reserves Association (NSW) and the Military Police Association of Australia. Other reference material by Matt Walsh include;
  • Material may be down loaded for use by schools. Links to useful websites for schools .This link contains a list of websites summarized by conflict/subject matter.
  • This page will continue to grow. Let us know if you find a site that you think might be useful to other teachers.

Contact Paul Longstaff: longstaffpaul@yahoo.com.au .